Cygnet Cherry Drop Gin Liqueur (50cl)


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Conjuring up the tantalising flavours of your favourite sweet shop, distilled into an intense liqueur

Be the first to experience a dazzling new gem from Cygnet, their very first Gin Liqueur – Cherry Drop. Imagine taking the top off an old fashioned jar of boiled sweets and experiencing the heady fruit-filled candy aroma – that’s Cherry Drop. Then imagine sipping a glass of the ruby-red nectar, a magical combination of the sweet and the tart – that’s Cherry Drop.

Drawing on their childhood memories of sweet shop heaven, Cygnet’s master distillers have conjured up this luscious liqueur from a secret combination of cultured and wild cherries to bring you the nostalgic essence of Cherry Drop sweets, with a very adult twist!

50cl bottle

20% ABV

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