Fortuna Script Rum & Reason Spiced Rum 70cl


Spiced Rum

37.5% vol


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In the late 1800s, a legendary group of intellectuals developed a predictive card-counting algorithm called the Fortuna Script.

Using their technological advantage, these free-thinkers beat the house and brought down the casino barons of the time.

Embodying the spirit and individuality of those who dared to think differently more than a century ago, Fortuna Script blended rum rewards to those discerning individuals smart enough to do the same today.

Long and smooth, rich cream and milk chocolate notes with a rounded, caramel and fruit flavor that seems to last forever

Light heat gives way to ice cream sweetness with raisins, sultanas and vanilla, slightly oily with a backbone of warm, mulling-like spice notes: cinnamon, cloves, allspice.

Stone fruits, deep demerara sugar sweetness, light candied orange peel with soft spice notes such as cinnamon and pink pepper

Alc vol 37.5%

Bottle 70cl


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