The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey 70cl


Distilled in copper pots. Triple distilled.

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Show up before dawn and you’ll catch on the cool morning breeze the unmistakeable oak from breathing casks once filled with Spanish sherry, now brimming with aqua vitae. Steal a drop. Savor the notes of rich dried fruit and complexity driven by years in a deep, oak-encased slumber. The Sexton is a spiritual trade, and whiskey is his favorite spirit. Up in the cold, gray, Northern reaches of country Antrim, alongside Saint Columb’s rill, The Sexton selects the best strains of barley for malting. Patiently distilled in copper pot stills to create a precious elixir, The Sexton whiskey is a smooth and flavorful single malt of intriguing complexity.

Alc Vol 40%

Bottle 70cl



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