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Green Spot is a single pot still Irish Whiskey and one of the only 100% pure pot-still whiskey today. Created by Irish distillers at the Midleton Distillery in Cork, it is one of the only remaining bonded Irish whiskeys and is the only brand specifically created for and sold by an independent wine merchant in Ireland.

Mitchell & Son wine merchants were established in 1805 but it is unclear when exactly Green Spot whiskey was first produced. By the 1920s, Jameson’s distillery was supplying Mitchell & Son with 100 sherry hogsheads of pot distilled whiskey per annum. Half of the casks provided previously held dark Sherries such as Oloroso and the other half held lighter finos. This was to prevent the wine from over powering the whiskies. The whiskey was then allowed to mature for five years in casks and then, before being vatted, it was allowed to blend and mature for a further 5 years. This allowed them to sell the whiskey as a 10 yo.The blend was originally known as a ‘Pat whiskey’ and due to the logo of a man on a green background, it led to the whiskey being known as Green Spot.

Nowadays, Green Spot is a blend of 8 year old single pot still whiskies, with 25% being matured in sherry casks.There are only 200 cases produced per annum of which most is sold through Mitchell & Son’s shop in Dublin, making it hard to obtain outside of Ireland.

Vol 40%

Bottle 70cl


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