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24th October 2020

Fire & Ice scoops two 2020 Great Taste Awards

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We’ve just won two Great Taste Awards from the Guild Of Fine Food.

Our Raspberry sorbet won a two star gold award and so did our Pink Grapefruit sorbet


Here are some of the judges comments  …..

Pink Grapefruit
A pretty pale apricot colour with a smooth and velvety mouthfeel. No ice crystals. The level of pink grapefruit bitterness and sourness is spot on – and well combined with just the right amount of sugar. It is fresh, zingy and offers up a mellow, yet tangy pink grapefruit flavour. The finish is long and refreshing – the grapefruit lingers long after you have finished the last spoonful. A delightful and delicious sorbet. Cleverly made.
A pretty, pale pink sorbet. It’s perfectly smooth, not granular or icy. The pink grapefruit makes this sorbet really refreshing, you get the tart citrus notes from the fruit that last in the mouth. The balance of citrus and sugar is just right. This makes for an excellent palate cleanser. It’s extremely moreish.  A great sorbet.
Wonderfully fragrant and with a pronounced flavour of pink grapefruit. Extremely creamy for a sorbet. Clean and refreshing yet somehow still feels like a treat. This is a clever sorbet, the flavour of grapefruit has been perfectly harnessed and whilst its inherent bitter edge has been tempered by the sugar it is not too sweet.
Great zingy fresh grapefruit. This is pure refreshment. A real treat for the taste buds after a big meal or a long judging session! The essence of the pink grapefruit has been perfectly captured.
A very beautiful deep pink sorbet – gorgeous. There are few raspberry notes on the nose, but the flavour is full of summer raspberry goodness. Just the right level of sweetness, allowing the natural tang of the raspberry to shine. Fresh, velvet smooth and clean tasting – a great palate cleanser. The flavour has a lot of depth to it and the finish is long and lingering – the acidity tweaks your cheeks in just the right place.
Incredible lively zingy fresh colour leads into a flavour that is fresh, clean and brings your taste-buds alive.
Vibrantly pink sorbet, capturing the essence of pureed raspberries. Tart and intense, just what you would look for to cleanse your palate or to refresh you on a hot summer’s day.
There is  great depth to this rich raspberry sorbet. A massive raspberry fruit hit  is given extra zing with the lemon juice. The finish is smooth and long with  well balanced sweetness.

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